Thursday, April 21, 2016

lake conestee nature park | hike it baby.

We went back to Lake Conestee Nature Park again earlier this week with our Hike it Baby friends, and there was a whole lot of excitement on this adventure! We spotted several turtles, both big and small, an inchworm, ducks, a family of geese (including sweet little goslings), and even a SNAKE! On top of all of that, two huge airplanes flew right over our heads. See what I mean? So exciting! The mamas were just as excited as the kiddos, and none of us were shy about showing it.

My cousins (Laura, Luke, and Micah) joined us on this adventure, and it was so much fun to be out on the trails with them. We walked a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail on Leap Day a little over a month ago, and we decided right then and there that getting to raise our boys together is one of the greatest gifts we have ever received. It was very special to me to be able to introduce them to my new friends I've met since joining this incredible group, and I hope that they will join us again soon.

This was, also, the first hike of the year that I've been hot. I'm pumped that warm weather is here to stay, but I am going to have to get used to this thing called "glistening" that I haven't done in a while (hehe). The green all around us as we blaze through creation is so beautiful, and I promise that it's worth every bit of the "glistening" in my future!
Tomorrow is Earth Day, and we've got big plans to soak in all the beauty at our fingertips.

What are your plans? How will you celebrate this special day dedicated to loving our planet?

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